One of the many services OTVARC provides to the community are free amateur radio classes. We are here to help you earn your first license or upgrade to a new license class.

Technician License

The first license for most amateur radio operators is the Technician License. While it primarily allows regional communication, the license does provide limited access to some of the HF bands for long-distance operating.

  • Limited HF privileges
  • Full operating privileges above 30 MHz
  • 35-question multiple choice test

General License

The General License broadens the opportunity for international communications. With this license, an amateur operator gains access to over 80% of the HF bands for international communications.

  • Access to portions of all amateur bands
  • 35-question multiple choice test

Amateur Extra License

With an Amateur Extra License, an amateur radio operator has full access to the available HF bands.

  • All privileges on all US amateur bands
  • 50-question multiple choice theory test

Upcoming License Classes